de GRISOGONO Timepieces

bold and exuberant

“de GRISOGONO timepieces are bold and exuberant, eager to stand out as they assert their unparalleled and unordinary style. Offering to the watchmaking world the special edge of its discerning watches, de GRISOGONO has broken new ground and featured world’s first engineering innovations. From enthralling and incredibly complicated watches to alluring high-jewellery masterpieces, de GRISOGONO creations are genuine tribute to the great innovators of traditional watchmaking and the most intricate jewellery craftsmanship while surpassing their fundamentals.”

de GRISOGONO Timepieces

determined to breathe new life into the watchmaking tradition

Since 2000, de GRISOGONO has established a name for itself in the world of watchmaking. Beyond formal design, Fawaz Gruosi, de GRISOGONO’s founder has constantly fostered innovation, determined to breathe new life into the watchmaking tradition. Daring to design forms that emphasize functions; developing original complications; playing with aesthetics codes only to better express the art of measuring time – are some of de GRISOGONO distinctive features. Dedicated to absolute perfection, continual innovation and ingenuity, de GRISOGONO has blazed a trail of dynamic design in today’s universe of watchmaking. Its high-jewellery watches stand out for their sumptuous, eye-catching and playful style. Like the brand’s high-jewellery designs, they are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that stands as epitome of the art of watchmaking and jewellery.



The brand also proposes complicated timepieces and exclusive calibres, displaying time and other indications in an unconventional yet no less refined way. Off the beaten track, it is in its own watch workshop that de GRISOGONO inventive creations take shape. Since its first watchmaking venture in 2000, every project has been carried out internally while some watchmaking breakthroughs and unusual mechanisms have been protected by patented registrations and awarded with the prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. de GRISOGONO excels at fitting movements with auxiliary modules, pushing the boundaries of time measurement. Thanks to its creative & technical development team, de GRISOGONO internally designs, develops, produces and assemblies its own movements and watch components.

Tempting divas

Playing on amazing shapes, bright colours and in motion styles, blending jewellery extravagance and watchmaking know-how, de GRISOGONO jewellery watches are one-of-a-kind creations. Enhancing the intricate and handcrafted gem-setting, featuring sublime mobile aesthetics and briolette-cut stones smoothly jiggling on wrists, de GRISOGONO asserts its eye-catching and unparalleled sophisticated colourful designs.



Untraditionally classic
In 2000, when de GRISOGONO entered the watchmaking stage, it featured a discerning timepiece reinterpreting the elegant tonneau-shaped watch with Fawaz Gruosi singular approach. A fascinating interplay between form and functions named INSTRUMENTO. This collection emphasizes mechanical time measuring instruments by proposing an array of complications such as dual time zone and oversized date calendar.


Exquisitely oval
de Grisogono has elevated the elegant and exquisite oval-shaped into the realm of haute joaillerie and offbeat haute horlogerie. Composed of a trilogy of multi-facetted ladies’wrist watches, the Tondo collection is designed to make a seamless transition from day to night.


Apex of wonder
Fawaz Gruosi has challenged the fundamentals of watchmaking by launching concept watches combining audacity, refinement and complexity. Demonstrating his ingenious and exuberant creativity, Fawaz Gruosi asserts its non-traditional approach of watchmaking by freeing himself of any legacy constraints. FG creations capture a timeless blend of rich tradition and avant-garde mechanisms. Artfully designed, featuring rare materials and quintessential bodyworks, they emphasize distinctive mechanical breakthroughs.

Crazy Skull

de GRISOGONO celebrates life in the most irreverent and playful way, creating “Crazy Skull”
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Crazy Skull