Allegra Toi & Moi

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Jewellery that is all about feelings, a quintessential symbol of connection, it expresses unconditional attachment. Allegra TOI & MOI, endowed with a strong personality proclaiming the power of the links between every woman and her loves, her friendships and her desires. Jewellery weaving ties that bind for a moment or forever.
Allegra TOI & MOI, designed for unwinding, exuding the same carefree attitude as the free-spirited woman it embraces. Naturally, in each and every circumstance, solo or stacked, it radiates its easy-wear and easy-going, eminently contemporary and truly universal style.

Allegra TOI & MOI is a collection in its own right. Evoking protective ties, its two interlacing sets of diamond-set rings each feature a hard stone cabochon. Are you the pink gold and cachalong type or the white gold and onyx sort? Why not both? A ring, earrings and a bracelet, that become every bit as attached to us as we are to them.