The art of an unorthodox jewellery approach

How to do traditional things in a non-traditional way

What puts de GRISOGONO apart is Fawaz Gruosi’s penchant to explore unusual materials and exceptional stones and to elevate them to the status of trademarks. A pure aesthete with an insatiable curiosity, an innate aesthetic sensibility and a true passion for gemstones who asserts its unorthodox creative instincts and draw inspiration from everything around him. Fascinated by the magnificence and magnetism of stones, he fell under the spell of the black diamond. A mysterious gem called carbonado, that has since become de GRISOGONO’s emblem while complimenting and embellishing its jewellery designs. Showing unbridled creativity and bold vision, Fawaz Gruosi presented in 2002 an exceptional ring featuring – the world’s largest black diamond – a stone of 312.30 carats, named “The Spirit of de GRISOGONO” which was exhibited at the History Museum in Paris for the world to admire. Bucking the trend even further, he has also elevated “icy diamonds” known as milky diamonds that were previously considered unfit for fine jewellery. Revitalizing the noble jewellery art, he glamourizes gemstones and makes them become extraordinary. For him, every stone can be deemed exceptional when you have the capacity to see its inner beauty and strength. Without ever compromising quality, de GRISOGONO knows that some flaws can be turned into perfection and convey emotions. By highlighting and enhancing the intrinsic qualities of every material, de GRISOGONO reaches to turn “so-called” faults into qualities.


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record-breaking and rule-breaking creations

Known for creations of exception and all the superlatives, de GRISOGONO has staked its story with record-breaking and rule-breaking creations that have made their impression. Demonstrating its ability to seek out extraordinary and unexpected gemstones, de GRISOGONO featured, in 2007, a 45.39-carat natural ruby called Virgin Scarlet in a memorably stunning ring. This is a once in a lifetime stone. The Virgin Scarlet creation embodies most of dG’s codes such as the volutes, a mix and match of coloured stones, an impressive volume and a black rhodium-plating artwork.

The set-free creativity of Fawaz Gruosi is transcended by the talent and passion of de GRISOGONO designers, jewellers and gem-setters who make his vision reality and give expression, form and colour to the bold vigour of the signature de GRISOGONO style. At the heart of its High Jewellery workshop, around 30 high-talented craftsmen and artists blend their expertise and their artistic feeling to translate an emotion-driven creativity into state of the art jewels. When convergence of passions enables to reveal the best of the best.

As true sculptors of material, de GRISOGONO craftsmen reveal and exalt the brilliance and magnificence of the stones. Thanks to its own setting technique, de GRISOGONO gives stones their full dimension by moulding and tailoring gold to perfectly fit the gemstones shapes. Giving stones their full expression, de GRISOGONO let them appear magically floating in air.

With its appeal for generous and sensual volumes and curves, the de GRISOGONO creations are highly dimensional sculptures made of audacious architectural aesthetics. A creative approach that requires to work the matter as living ones.


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brightest and colourful precious stones

One of the main characteristics of de GRISOGONO’s jewels has always been its brightest and colourful precious stones. Emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, aquamarines, citrines dance amongst white, black and icy diamonds creating vivid colour and daring combinations. Featuring gold, nano-ceramic and blackened PVD, de GRISOGONO plays on contrasts and antinomy asserting its chiaroscuro signature.


respectful of the jewellery tradition

de GRISOGONO creates a limited number of jewels which establish a personal connection with its owner, making its jewel far more than a statement of personal style. After more than 20 years of jewellery making and hundreds of astonishing creations – always challenging the impossible and pushing jewellery boundaries – de GRISOGONO has gathered a loyal and world’s elite clientele who has put its jewellery at the top of the luxury wish list.

Perfectly designed, down to the smallest details, de GRISOGONO finishes comprise signature volutes, openwork and blackened surfaces. The artwork of the craftsmen is respectful of the jewellery tradition and exclusively made by hand. It is thanks to an artistic and creative pulse – entirely differing from the traditional jeweller universe – that de GRISOGONO breaks new ground.

A world of jewels where the beauty of each creation takes precedence over boundaries. A timeless style underpinned with passion and emotion. The de GRISOGONO art of creation.


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