A new collection of ladies’ watches
that like all the jeweller’s creations naturally seem
to have been part of the brand forever

This supremely feminine jewellery watch embodies the quintessential skills cultivated by de GRISOGONO. An encounter with the artisans who have gold and diamonds at the tips of their fingers. From the first sketch to the final polishing operation on these timepieces graced with heavenly curves, de GRISOGONO reveals the secrets of its ateliers.

Volume, asymmetry and harmony are the keynotes of
an extraordinary jewellery watch

More than six months dedicated to researching the perfect shape, curve, purity and balance for the watch. From first sketch to the wax model, from 3D modelling to the mock-up, along with gold casting, gemsetting and polishing: the very heart of this timepiece turned jewellery piece – and of this jewellery piece turned timepiece – relies on a clever blend of harmoniously balanced dimensions and asymmetrical effects.

None of the lines are straight in this creation that is instead all about rounded curves. A cambered and bevelled bezel, a domed dial, along with half-moon outlines, all contribute to an atypical timepiece conceived as a piece of jewellery. The LUNA watch symbolises the de GRISOGONO philosophy based on an absolute aesthetic quest, that in turn calls for outstanding technical solutions in order to give life to form while adapting to function.