De Grisogono Easter enchanted Garden

Easter Bunny Ring
diamond Ring de grisogono

Springtime at de GRISOGONO

Symbolising the rebirth of the earth – Springtime at de GRISOGONO – burgeons with splashes of colourful precious stones nestled in the heart of wonderful delicacies.

diamond Earring de grisogono
diamond Earring de Grisogono

The Easter egg hunt has begun! Let's find de GRISOGONO's sparkling creations

Amongst the Easter treasures, the egg hunt leads you to the de GRISOGONO ivy basket where the rarest flower – the GRAPPOLI jewellery watch – spreads its superb grapes of amethysts.

The de GRISOGONO Easter Bunny knows how to play his tricks and carries magical sweets in his basket. An enchanted garden made of PIGNA rings and their gently continuous flowing movement, GOCCE rings and their teardrop shapes sculpted in amethyst and faceted with a dense pavé setting of emeralds. and our GYPSY earrings and their playful intertwining ellipses…

Easter Egg

Follow the de GRISOGONO bunny

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Follow the de GRISOGONO bunny