Conversations with Fawaz Gruosi

Fawaz Gruosi

Creation is a world without frontiers
that ceaselessly enables me to push beyond existing limits,
and transcends conventions.
I never take anything for granted.
I constantly seek excellence.
Every creation represents a challenge,
both for me and for the people who work alongside me.
Together we endeavour to stand out.

… driven by passion and excellence

As far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the beauty and magnetism of stones and I have been captivated by their indescribable charm. Trusting in my well-honed approach and unfailingly following my instinct, I know how to detect and reveal the intrinsic beauty of stones. Stones are cut in such a way as to enhance their qualities, their clarity and the richness of their natural imperfections.

I love combining them at will, in order to exalt and emphasise their good points. Each stone is precious. I don’t like the word “semi-precious”. Aside from anything else, can any stone be regarded as less precious than a precious stone? On the contrary, every stone is precious because it is unique through its very nature.

Playing with colours

… Playing with colours

For years, my creations have played on contrasts featuring black and white in compositions raising black and “icy” diamonds to the realm of jewels. My first coloured stones were the hallmark of the Allegra collection. In 2002, my approach moved to a more colourful worldview with the launch of Melody of Colours: collections that clearly expresses a universe consisting of shimmering, contrasting colours. I love all cuts and nearly all colours. My preference is to play with a combination of cuts and colours. From the sparkle of paving to the dancing movement of briolettes and from cabochons to centre stones, the beauty of stones is always displayed and respected.

As an artist, I use stones as a palette of subtle colours to create aesthetically seductive compositions, combining exceptional stones in their most astounding expression. Every creation is a mirror of my emotions. Every creation is unique, just like the stones themselves and human emotions.


Melody of Colors de GRISOGONO

The amorous amethyst

The amethyst is one of my favourite precious stones. Its beauty transcends its so-called common nature. With its distinctive style, it evokes elegance and mystery. Its magnetic aura is pleasing to the eye and pulls at the heart strings; it is as intriguing as it is fascinating. This seductive stone embodies passion and true love.

When cabochon-cut, the amethyst expresses its generosity and sensuality while revealing its internal depth. That is doubtless why I chose the cabochon cut to adorn one of my first creations using an amethyst.