A seductive series of new and new-generation collections


Baselworld 2014

In characteristically dramatic style, set in its own scintillating micro-universe at this year’s Baselworld, de GRISOGONO, innovative contemporary European jeweller, presents a seductive series of new and new-generation collections, and a tantalising taste of spectacular High Jewellery creations, setting the seal on its status as trailblazing creator of the most dynamic, daring, design-driven jewellery in the world today.
Now 20 years old, a neophyte in terms of jewellery Maisons, with all the energy, spontaneity and impulsiveness of youth, and a deep reverence for heritage, De Grisogono has forged an unassailable place in the world of fine jewellery, fusing age-old traditions of virtuoso craftsmanship and rare, ravishingly precious gems and metals, with a fresh, resolutely contemporary and audaciously creative design language – bold compositions of colour, line, form and texture, both powerfully linear yet seductively, sensually extravagant – that has broken down barriers and cut through entrenched conventions. So that today De Grisogono is widely acknowledged as the spirited pioneer of an entirely new dynamic and directional 21st century wave of jewellery creativity; igniting and fuelling a new era of design-driven preciousness. Honouring the past while creating the future.