Andrea Scherz, a child of the Palace

This generous, caring and helpful individual regards each member of his team and each client as a member of his family. His favourite leisure activity is being at the wheel of his collector’s edition Jaguar and in the company of his friends, with whom he enjoys getting away on short breaks in his native Saanenland.

Andrea Scherz grew up at the Palace. Although he was appointed Managing Director in 2001, his destiny inseparably bound up with the Gstaad Palace had been long since sealed. He likes to say with a smile that “a Scherz comes into the world every 30 years”. His grandfather started it all in 1909; his father was born in 1939, followed by himself in 1969 and his son and heir, Alexandre, in 1999. Andrea Scherz, who is also the father of a little girl, keeps watch over an extremely large family – consisting of 300 employees in winter and 200 resident clients.

His grandfather Ernst Scherz took over management of the Palace in 1938. The Scherz family became owners in 1947 and their dynasty settled in the castle. In 1969, Ernst Andrea Scherz took over management from his father. Today, this establishment is so closely associated with Gstaad that it has become the heart of the jetset and has a loyal clientele, of which eighty per cent returns on a regular basis. A large family composed of successive generations who enjoy the family atmosphere at the Palace which ensures that they feel at home. For many of them, it has become 30,000 square metres filled with hospitality, quality, human warmth and personal touches.

He remembers the arrival of the Maison de GRISOGONO at the Palace perfectly. It was in 1999, and at the time he was responsible for the reception. The boutique was just opposite his office. Ever since it opened, their relationship has been infused with mutual trust – and Andrea even has a key to the premises, just in case …

In the winter, almost all his time is devoted to his clients, although this passionate skier loves to escape from time to time to indulge in some downhill or cross-country skiing. These mountains are his entire life. His favourite piste is the Tiger Run, the steepest and toughest in the whole of Saanenland.

He has never ceased throughout his 47 years to marvel at the beauty of the panoramic views of the Bernese Alps from the hotel lobby. Just like his father, he loves travelling and discovering luxury hotels all over the world. These are always enriching experiences that enable him to share news and views with the directors and owners of other hotels, most of whom are personal friends. All these different perspectives, solutions and experiences can be put to good use in their establishments. Amongst the places of which he is particularly fond, he enjoys staying at the Royal Palm in Mauritius which he regards as and the symbol of perfection and getting away from it all. The Baur au Lac in Zurich also holds a special place in his heart, representing one of the last family-owned city hotels. The two other addresses on his “top 4 list” are the Royal Mansour in Marrakech and its 5 star medina, along with the Chewton Glen in Hampshire, the most luxurious and charming country house hotels one could possibly imagine.

When asked to name the best local addresses, this affable man knows that he could talk about his favourite spots for hours. He loves the diversity of the places that make Gstaad what it is and form the very foundations of its warm, welcoming identity. He indeed loves so many of them that responding to our request to choose just three in each category was a really tough exercise!


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