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Where there is joy, creation flows.

Inspired by free-spirited, strong, ambitious and self-confident young women, Fawaz Gruosi created the first ALLEGRA ring with them in mind. But also for her, ALLEGRA, his older daughter and muse of this collection. ALLEGRA symbolises the joy and exuberance, the carefree and spontaneous spirit in each of us. It embodies the ties that bind us to our time, our generation, and to our loved ones.

The entwining of our lives, our friendships and our loves, as well as of our passions and desires. A free and infinite movement, an invitation to live life to the full, to celebrate each and every moment.



The first. The aesthetic that became iconic and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Its timeless elegance wins hearts at first sight. Its free-spirited aesthetic is perpetually reinvented while retaining its essence. ALLEGRA CLASSIC. Interwoven polished and gemset gold rings adorned with diamonds and coloured stones to create contrasting effects.



It is an infinite circle, a woven gold ribbon, delicately entwined rings, flowing and continuous motion. A play on volume, chiaroscuro contrasts and perspective reveals a flurry of interlacing polished or diamond-set gold bands twirling around your fingers, your wrist and around time itself. A parade, a sequence of rings featuring a picture-perfect aesthetic for a carelessly elegant style.

Admirably combining the jewellery and watchmaking expertise of de GRISOGONO, the ever-moving gold of ALLEGRA spins vertically to create the outlines of a ring and a watch. While perspectives change, the ALLEGRA style remains. In tribute to 25 years of creativity from the Maison de GRISOGONO, ALLEGRA watch is engraved with a stylised figure 25.


Shining with a uniquely mesmerising glow, in touch with the times and supremely self-confident, as well as consistently unexpected! As time goes by, its identity remains, the spirit is set free and its allure is more seductive than ever. ALLEGRA stands for everything that sets it apart.

A new way of embracing gold. Different yet true to its intrinsic nature. Its surprising and audacious silhouette appears in a new light, while naturally safeguarding its unique character. So quintessentially de GRISOGONO! Infinitely whirling gold. The succession of rings points upwards, offering a change of perspective while retaining its inherent style.

The supreme expression of jewellery and watchmaking expertise according to de GRISOGONO, it is naturally diverse. It reveals its characteristics through a watch, a leather bracelet and a ring.