22 Years of Disruptive Creations

With two associates, Fawaz Gruosi opens his first boutique in Geneva, Switzerland, specialising in high jewellery and objets d’art. He calls it “de GRISOGONO”, the maiden name of his associate’s mother.

Fawaz Gruosi leaves his associates and starts de GRISOGONO S.A. with sole control of the new business.

Fawaz Gruosi creates an entire collection of black diamond jewellery that stuns the jewellery world and sparks a worldwide trend.

A new boutique opens in London.

Fawaz Gruosi creates a series of jewelled objects studded with black diamonds. A new boutique opens at the Palace Hotel in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Fawaz Gruosi presents his first watch collection, called Instrumento No Uno. In the same year, he launches a new jewellery collection featuring milky, opalescent white diamonds that he calls “Icy Diamonds”. A new boutique opens in Rome.

Fawaz Gruosi introduces his second watch, called Instrumentino, a feminine partner to his first watch design. A new boutique opens in Porto Cervo.

The timepiece Instrumento Doppio is launched. A new boutique opens in Kuwait.

The launch of Instrumento Doppio Tre and Instrumento Tondo. Fawaz Gruosi introduces a collection of Galuchat jewellery, following the success of his galuchat watch bracelets. A subsidiary of the jewellery house sets up in New York and opens boutiques in Paris and St. Moritz.

The launch of Instrumento Chrono and Lipstick. New boutiques open in New York, Hong Kong and Moscow.

The opening of de GRISOGONO’s own jewellery workshop. Three more watch designs join the repertoire of revolutionary timepieces: Instrumento Grande, Power Breaker and Occhio Ripetizione Minuti.

The launch of Instrumento Grande Open Date, Uno Grande Seconde, FG One and be Eight. A Japan subsidiary opens, along with a second boutique in Moscow.

Investment in a new, larger watchmaking workshop. Instrumento Novantatre and Piccolina. New boutiques open in Tokyo and St Barthelemy.

Fawaz Gruosi celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of de GRISOGONO Unveilling of the Meccanico dG watch.

The unveiling of Fuso Quadrato. 16 boutiques across the world mark the steady expansion of the jewellery house, with a distribution network of 150 outlets.

Gruosi creates a Pop Art interpretation of the Instrumento No Uno collection. The famous Instrumento Grande collection is revitalised in a Chrono version.

Fawaz Gruosi celebrates the black diamond and its enduring success through a new collection called “Black Forever”.

Launch of Melody of Colours jewellery collection. The same year sees the introduction of Tondo Tourbillon Gioiello, the brand’s first tourbillon exclusively for women, and Tondo By Night, the first photoluminescent watch

de GRISOGONO celebrates 20 years of spectacular contemporary baroque creations. An extraordinary new jewelry watch is launched: the Sugar. A new boutique opens in Bal Harbor, Florida.