Стильный дизайн для горнолыжного сезона

de GRISOGONO предлагает открыть для себя стиль, идеально подходящий для зимнего сезона.

Hit The Slopes With Style

de GRISOGONO celebrates the start of the winter season with a unique opportunity to hit the slopes with style.

This winter season, de GRISOGONO is proud to offer an exclusive edition of Skis produced by Rossignol Racing Department. A product that perfectly embodies the values supported by the Geneva-based luxury brand by combining know-how and technology to reach precision and performance. Bringing the thrill of high speed and unbelievably precise and sharp turns on ski slopes, de GRISOGONO Skis are available in a limited-edition of 50 pieces only sold in de GRISOGONO boutiques.

Entirely hand-crafted by Rossignols’ specialized workers in the Moirans competition workshop in Isère, France, the skis’ construction is directly derived from the competition skis used by Rossignol champions, such as Christoph Innerhofer (Italian World Cup alpine ski racer, world champion and serial gold medal winner) and Frida Hansdotter (Swedish World Cup alpine ski racer, world champion and serial medal winner). The only difference from the World Cup edition ones is a lighter construction in order to facilitate its use, while nonetheless maintaining exceptional steering, unparalleled precision and enormous grip.

The finest technologies developed by the Rossignol Racing department

As a giant slalom machine, the Skis incorporate the finest technologies developed by the Rossignol Racing department engineers. The side-cut also stems from Rossignol racing skis, with a 13-metre radius and a 157 cm length for women, and a 17-metre radius and 172 cm length for men. The sole of these skis is the same used on Rossignol competition skis in order to ensure maximal slide and enhanced abrasion resistance.

Being both grippy and responsive, carving the shortest swings but also giving stability and smoothness on the larger GS turns, the de GRISOGONO blades make it to the top. Each pair is individually verified to ensure its suppleness and ideal bend and directly delivered from Rossignol workshops sharpened and waxed, ready to hit the slopes. Sign of exclusive differentiation, every detail of these beautiful blades is delivered with elegance and style and features a custom made metal diamond-shaped plaque engraved with the two brands’ logos, set with 2 black diamonds and individually numbered. To complete each individual snow experience, de GRISOGONO and Rossignol have developed a unique set of accessories including goggles and helmets with a touch of de GRISOGONO.

With style, this competition equipment deliver podium-inspired performances to de GRISOGONO skiers.The privileged skis’ owners will join an exclusive club of de GRISOGONO skiers — only numbered at 50 people and are invited to enjoy a very personal and intangible experience by attending one of the World Cup Skiing events. A circuit whose calendar is primarily travelling around some of the best ski resorts in the Alps in Europe, places where de GRISOGONO is also well established thanks to its winter Boutiques.

The Champion

De GRISOGONO shares with Christof Innerhofer the same vision and values as daring exigency, total commitment and competitive spirit.
Discover the champion through Rossignol’s Band of heroes movie.  #bandofheroes

Enjoy below an exclusive introduction to the Streif slope by Christof Innerhofer.

Christof Innerhofer - de GRISOGONO


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